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Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care provides therapy to patients of all ages who have a disease or trauma that involves the lungs' ability to receive oxygen or eliminate carbon dioxide. A respiratory therapist is a specially trained, licensed professional who delivers treatment under the direction of a physician to patients who have difficulty breathing. 

At Clinton Memorial Hospital, our respiratory therapists:

  • Operate equipment to administer oxygen or assist with breathing
  • Operate mechanical ventilators for patients who cannot breathe adequately on their own
  • Administer medications in aerosol form to help alleviate breathing problems

Where can you find our respiratory therapists?

  • Intensive care: operating mechanical ventilators to provide life support
  • Emergency services: meeting the life squads to take over delivery of lifesaving airway management and resuscitation procedures
  • Mother-baby care: supporting¬†the newborn's respiratory status after delivery
  • At the patient's bedside: providing medications to open the patient's airways; performing techniques or using airway clearance devices to assist the patient in clearing their airway of congestion; administering and monitoring oxygen deliver systems to relieve the air-hunger of lung disease; drawing arterial blood or performing pulse oximetry to assess the amount of oxygen in the blood

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For more information on respiratory therapy at CMH, please call 937.382.9276.