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Saving a Life: David's Story

David was transferred to us with symptoms of severe gastric bleeding. His family was advised that he would need surgery, but was told that he may not make it through. His wife, Louise, and daughter, Tracy, had an opportunity, though, to speak with Dr. Stapleton before making a decision: “He was so forthcoming, so knowledgeable, so personable and nice,” and “he explained the procedure... Learn more

When Stroke Strikes: Act FAST

Clinton Memorial Hospital recently achieved advanced certification from The Joint Commission, our national hospital accreditation agency, as an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital. As the Assistant Medical Director of Emergency Services at CMH, and now Medical Director for the stroke program, and I’m so encouraged by CMH’s commitment to life-saving emergency intervention at home. Stroke can strike quickly... Learn more

Like Family: John's Story

John came to us through the ED late May, knowing he was seriously ill, but unsure what was wrong. Our ED providers quickly determined his kidneys were failing, and he was admitted to the ICU and immediately placed on a vent to support his breathing, as he could no longer breathe independently. His physician, Dr. Hollon, determined that he had a serious but extremely rare condition that can cause widespread organ failure very quickly... Learn more

A Historic Patient: Judy's Story

Judy Pendry was excited to hear she was a historic patient at CMH – the first interventional cardiac patient. She had originally scheduled an outpatient diagnostic catheter, but as they did the diagnostic catheter, they discovered a blockage, and placed a stent in her right coronary artery... Learn more

Saving a Life on Friday Night: Roy's Story

CMH Regional Health System launched interventional cardiology care, to include 24/7 STEMI care, less than a month ago, and patients – and their families – see the impact first-hand. Two weeks ago, Roy Whitt was playing golf when he felt short of breath. He promised one of his caregivers he would stop in at an ER on his way home, but insisted on stopping at CMH – his hospital. When Roy arrived with severe shortness of breath in the ER, Dr. Rakesh Chawla, Interventional Cardiologist, was immediately consulted, and the emergency and interventional suite teams began testing to rule out cardiac issues... Learn more

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