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Patient Spotlight: Chesley

Posted on: Friday, December 16, 2016
Written by: Kelsey Swindler

Chesley, who recently moved to Wilmington, had suffered from leg swelling for eight years. Her legs began swelling shortly after the birth of her son, and she was told it was likely a pregnancy complication, that it was fairly normal, and she shouldn’t worry about it. Unfortunately the leg swelling didn’t improve over the next several years, and progressively worsened until she couldn’t walk at night. Her feet and lower legs were so swollen that her ankles wouldn’t bend.

After moving to Wilmington, she was encouraged to see a vascular specialist about her leg swelling and pain. After a single, painless non-invasive testing was ordered and reviewed with our vascular surgeon, Dr. Brian Santin, she was recommended for a minimally invasive outpatient procedure in the CMH Interventional Suite.

She shared with us: “I was lying on the table after the procedure, and he walked in and told me ‘We found the problem, and we fixed it,’ and I just started crying right there on the table. Everyone told me I was crazy for eight years. The problem was compressed veins in both legs that were keeping the blood in my legs from draining properly. Forty-eight hours after my procedure, I could walk, bend. It’s changed the world for me.”

Stories like hers bring us so much joy. Chesley came back for a reunion with the Interventional Suite team last week:

Dr. Santin and the Interventional Suite team excited to see Chesley walk in wearing heels - for the first time in five years! 

Chesley with Dr. Brian Santin and a few members of our Interventional Suite team