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Natural Labor and Childbirth

In the CMH birthing center, nurses are dedicated to the natural childbirth process and experienced in natural childbirth labor support. They assist, support, and guide the family using natural childbirth tools. You may choose movement, aromatherapy, music, positioning, labor tools and water therapy to cope with labor and birth. Nurses encourage you to use positions for delivery that feel right to you. 

  • Hydrotherapy during labor – we have a heated tub that laboring moms can labor in
  • Intermittent fetal (doppler) monitoring
  • Breastfeeding consultations
  • Labor coaching techniques and equipment such as peanut balls, birthing balls, and squat bars
  • Adjustable lighting
  • We support skin-to-skin immediately after birth as well as delayed cord clamping and rooming in
  • Bringing your own music and aromatherapy/essential oils are encouraged

Appointments to discuss your wishes and birth plan are encouraged. Please contact our natural childbirth specialist at 937-283-9683 and leave a confidential voicemail for her to return your call.