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Patient Spotlight: David

Posted on: Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Written by: Kelsey Swindler

We wanted to share the story of David, a patient in our ICU, who recently came through a critical surgery with our general surgeon, Dr. Byron Stapleton. Several weeks ago, David was transferred to us with symptoms of severe gastric bleeding. His family was advised that he would need surgery, but was told that he may not make it through. His wife, Louise, and daughter, Tracy, had an opportunity, though, to speak with Dr. Stapleton before making a decision:

“He was so forthcoming, so knowledgeable, so personable and nice,” and “he explained the procedure in terms we really understood and put us in a more peaceful state. We knew that there was a possibility it would not go well, but after they observed him for twelve hours and he continued to decline, they knew they needed to do the surgery. All we could do was put it in the hands of the professionals and the Lord. We knew we were in the right place.”

David’s surgery went well, and he is now recovering—his family was so grateful to the CMH team for saving his life. They shared with us the many people here who lifted them up and supported them—his many nurses in ICU; our pharmacists; our staff in the cafeteria; our volunteers; our Environmental Services staff members; our dietitians; his physicians Dr. Richard Boster, Dr. Shawn Swick, Dr. Samuel DelMauro (who came in immediately upon notification that David would need to be screened, knowing it was an emergency), and so many others.

They shared that “there isn’t a one that hasn’t been intent on his care, knowledgeable, and hospitable. It’s been like being with family, so nice and comforting—everyone smiles and brings us whatever we need. You don’t find that everywhere, and we know we’ve had more personal care here than we could have gotten anywhere else. We’re so glad this is where he’s at, that we didn’t go somewhere else.”

When David was discharged, we were able to pull together a few of those who had spent the last week with him and his family to help send him off. This is why we do what we do--it's a calling, and we couldn't be more honored to care for patients like David.

Left to right: David’s wife Louise, daughter Tracy, and granddaughter Candace with Dr. Shawn Swick, dietitian Patty Craig, nurse Kristina Wilson, hospitalist Dr. Richard Boster, and general surgeon Dr. Byron Stapleton