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Wound Treatment Center


The CMH Wound Treatment Center offers a unique comprehensive therapy for treating patients with chronic non-healing wounds. Patients are evaluated to determine any underlying condition, such as diabetes or poor circulation that might inhibit the natural healing process. After the assessment, an individualized treatment program is planned.

Patients are informed how to care for their wounds at home and advised of nutrition and exercises that might aid the healing process and prevent future wounds. Patients with wounds on their feet are advised how to protect their feet and walk correctly. Special shoes, which protect the feet and relieve pressure, may also be prescribed.

Patients can self-refer to the program as a physician referral is not required. Many health plans, including Medicare, cover Wound Treatment Center treatment.  Coverage will depend on the patient’s specific plan, so please bring insurance cards to your first appointment. 

Patients can also be seen for an initial visit at Highland District Hospital in Hillsboro.

New and existing patients and referring physicians can call the CMH Wound Treatment Center at 937-283-9970 to schedule all appointments.

The CMH center had more than 3,000 visits in 2010 and has had more than 18,000 since opening more than six years ago.

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