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Mother-Baby Care

Mother-Baby CareMother-Baby Care includes five labor and delivery rooms, a cesarean section room, a two-bed recovery area, 13 postpartum beds and 17 bassinets. The unit has private rooms, bathrooms in each patient room and sleeping space for the patient's significant other. A triage area for testing and outpatients has also been included in the new Mother-Baby Care unit, which opened in 2003. A transition room is available for mothers to provide care to her baby (for those who have had to stay longer due to medical problems) prior to going home. The unit offers technological advancements as well, including an advanced security system to protect newborns and a portable ultrasound. Lactation services are also offered for both inpatients and outpatients.

Our caring staff has developed a maternity program that recognizes, supports and adapts to the physical and emotional needs of you and your family. Pairing the latest technological advancements and design with the expertise of CMH physicians, Mother-Baby Care is one way we offer you more of what you’re looking for in a health care facility.

Mother-Baby CareOur unit offers patient privacy and comfort through such improvements as private rooms for patients and bathrooms in every patient room. There is also sleeping space for the new mother’s significant other.

Mother-Baby Care includes:

  • Five labor and delivery rooms.
  • A cesarean section room.
  • A two-bed recovery area.
  • 13 postpartum beds and 17 bassinets.

Once you have decided to deliver your baby at Clinton Memorial Hospital, please contact us at 937.382.9410 for more detailed information about preadmission and discharge procedures. Call Mother-Baby Care at 937.382.9415 to schedule an appointment or for class information.

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