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Health LibraryLocated on the main floor of Clinton Memorial Hospital, the CMH Health Library is literally, physically and virtually the communication, clinical and general reference hub for CMH physicians, employees and volunteers, patients and patient families, students,  vendors and other visitors.

It is a full service multi-media service, offering electronic and print resources, journals, newspapers, models and other teaching aids. Wireless internet access is available as well as two public desktop computers with internet access. The library is also home base for CMH’s recycling program and offers the freecyling of lightly used books, magazines, and jig saw puzzles. The library staff will accept these items to be shared with other visitors.

The CMH Health Library Staff also manages the Community and Physician Reference (CPR) telephone line 937-382-9606. The CPR line is a starting point for area residents who need help in finding a CMH physician, have questions about CMH services or resources, or who are seeking information on area health and social service resources.

Callers with inquiries about area physician access can be provided with contact information for a list of CMH physicians by specialty and/or location and other criteria. Those inquiring can then make their own decision on what physician to contact.

Library staff works in conjunction with CMH Medical Staff Services to make sure callers are provided with the most up to date information on area physicians. Of course, the information is also available for library walk-ins.

The CPR line is also a general resource for consumer inquiries about CMH services, classes and events, in particular, and community services, classes and events, in general.

CMH Health Library staff collaborates with United Way of Clinton County and other not-for-profit and governmental agencies so that they can provide community information to callers if they have it or point them in the right direction if they do not.

Health Library staff members encourage community groups to send them information on valuable community services and upcoming events so that they can include it in their database for callers. Information can be mailed to the Health Library at POB 600, Wilmington 45177 or emailed to

The Health Library staff also assists in management of resources in libraries at the CMH/University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency Program and the Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center.

Staff librarians and volunteers are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.