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Diabetes ServiceCMH Regional Health System Diabetes Services is recognized by the American Diabetes Association, indicating that the education service meets the national standards for diabetes self-management education. The American Diabetes Association, based in Alexandria, Va., first recognized diabetes programs meeting the national standards in 1987.

This recognition is based on strict staffing, curriculum and outcomes standards. CMH’s program helps educate people who have been diagnosed with diabetes about techniques to help them manage their disease. The program emphasizes the importance of controlling blood sugar through appropriate exercise, healthy eating and medication management. The program also offers a variety of resources for those with the disease—from educational materials to nutrition counseling and classes.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes never goes away, but can be controlled (or managed), which helps you to feel better and prevent damage to tissues in your body. Tips for successful management of your diabetes are as follows:

  • Monitoring-testing your blood sugar
  • Taking medication as prescribed by your doctor
  • Eating smart
  • Exercising regularly

Healthy Eating

What should people with diabetes eat? Diabetics do not need special foods. In fact,the same foods that are good for you, are good for everyone. You can make a difference in your blood sugar control through your food choices. 100% of carbohydrates turn to sugar in the blood. Controlling carbohydrates in your diet may also help you keep high blood sugars at bay. A dietitian can help you with your specific nutritional needs.

For more information about CMH Diabetes Services, please call 937.382.9307.

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