Cardiac Diagnostic Services

Stress Test

Monitoring heart rate, blood pressure and EKG waveforms as the patient walks on a treadmill. A multiple stage test increases the workload at regular intervals until the patient reaches an endpoint, such as target heart rate or the onset of chest pain or fatigue. Pharmacological agents may be used in place of exercise. A resting electrocardiogram is performed and a hyperventilation EKG prior to the exercise portion.

How it helps

Special Patient Information

Patient is to be NPO (nothing to eat or drink) midnight before the test. No smoking after midnight. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Bring a list of current medications.

Other Information

Pharmacological stress testing includes adenosine stress tests, persantine stress tests and dobutamine stress tests.

Nuclear imaging of the blood supply to the heart muscle may be performed to provide a more accurate test.

Stress echo combines ultrasound imaging with stress testing to aid in the diagnosis of coronary artery

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