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The new cancer center provides easy and timely access to a multitude of services for cancer patients and caregivers, integrates various oncology specialties in one location, and encourages multidisciplinary interaction.

ReceptionThe integrated center features advanced technologies offered in treatment "neighborhoods" throughout the building.

Radiation Therapy

Approximately 60 percent of cancer patients receive radiation therapy. To assure outstanding care, the cancer center’s radiation suite houses a brand new linear accelerator with multi-leaf collimation multiple electron and photon energies, a computerized tomography simulator, a treatment planning center, physics equipment and state-of-the-art information technology.

Patients will be able to receive not only 3D conformal radiation therapy for their tumors but also IMRT (intensity modulated radiotherapy) which can pinpoint tumors while decreasing radiation to normal tissues. Patients can receive higher radiation doses with far fewer side effects, increasing the probability of cure.


Linear AcceleratorMany cancer patients receive chemotherapy treatments. The Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center offers patient and family friendly treatment areas for chemotherapy. Each patient receives an average of six chemotherapy administrations lasting about four hours each. These treatments are typically very draining, requiring a significant time and emotional commitment for patients and their families. The CMH cancer center offers a comfortable environment where patients have much control over their surroundings.

The chemotherapy infusion area offer chemotherapy lounge chairs for patients. Each infusion has family seating, an individual TV, remote control, DVD and headphones to help patients customize their environment. Electrical, data and communication receptacles are available for patients to use personal computers and access the internet during treatment. The design of the infusion area allows the patient the option of privacy or interaction with an adjoining patient.

Resource Library

Cancer patients and their families are frequently overwhelmed by the large amount of information. A library in the center is available for patients, families and the public to check out books and videos, as well as access an online medical library.

Linear AcceleratorPositive Appearance Boutique

As a result of some of their treatment processes, many cancer patients experience temporary or permanent physical changes and diminished self-esteem.

The Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center has had the benefit of a positive appearance boutique since it opened in February 2007. Shell’s Boutique, as it was christened in the honor of a local cancer survivor, offers both male and female patients products and services to cope with their unique cosmetic and comfort needs. Products include hats and turbans, sun protective clothing, wigs, breast prosthetics and skin care items. CMH Medical Staff member Dr. Catherine LaRuffa, who is board-certified in family medicine, is also a board-certified mastectomy fitter. She does consultations in the boutique by appointment.

“Having assisted many of my own patients during their battles with breast cancer, I often wondered if I could do more for them,” says Dr. LaRuffa, who has practiced in Blanchester for 19 years. Consultations can be scheduled at the cancer center, regardless of insurance, for mastectomy and lumpectomy patients. Please call 937-283-2273.

Environment for Recovery

As an environment for recovery, a healing garden on the west side of the building complements drug or technology based treatments. It offers truly therapeutic benefits in a natural setting where soothing surroundings promote the healing of mind, body and spirit.

Linear AcceleratorThe garden, which may be viewed from the infusion suite, creates a sense of safety and enclosure with sheltering walls, gates, shrubs and trees. Shade is critical because various drugs cause light sensitivities. Overhangs, trellising, arbors and shade trees will offer protection from the sun, while fragrant herbs and soft leaves will engage the senses. The garden will celebrate seasonal changes, reassuring patients of life's cycles.

The area also provides a meditative environment for staff and the community during times of healing, and a place to honor those who have died. Pathways, surfaces, plants and structures are designed for accessibility and safety.

Foster J. Boyd, MD, Regional Cancer Center

31 Farquhar Ave.

Wilmington, OH 45177

Phone: 937.283.CARE (2273)

Fax: 937.283.2280

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