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Code of Conduct

At RegionalCare we believe The Heart of Healthcare is service to others. Our single goal is to provide affordable, accessible, first-rate healthcare that improves the health and well-being of the people we serve and raises the quality of life for all concerned. In serving others the name RegionalCare must always stand for honesty and integrity at the highest level. To assure this, I am pleased to introduce the RegionalCare Code of Conduct.

The RegionalCare Code of Conduct is part of our overall program of Ethics and Compliance. It serves as a guide for each of us—board, trustees, employees, volunteers and service providers—as we strive to conduct all of our business dealings with a high de-gree of honesty and integrity. Medical and business decisions can be complex. The Code of Conduct is a plain guide to using good judgment and making the right choices. I expect all of us to know and follow it. We all have a role to play and every one of us can make a real difference. Everyone has individual responsibility and accountability to follow our legal and regulatory compliance policies, and to conduct activities in an ethical manner. To help you, our Code of Conduct sets out our standards on how we should behave with our stakeholders—patients, fellow employees, community, physicians and regulators. However, no code of conduct can spell out appropriate behavior for every situation. RegionalCare relies on each of us to use good judgment of what is right and proper in any particular situation. If there is any doubt, ask yourself:

  1. Does it comply with RegionalCare standards, including this Code and our policies and procedures?
  2. How would my action look as a headline in tomorrow's newspaper?
  3. How would my family or friends view my behavior?
  4. Does it follow the letter and spirit of the law and regulation?

Additional guidance is available on our compliance website. If you have any questions about the Code or ethical concerns please contact your supervisor, another member of management at your facility, your facility Ethics and Compliance Officer, or the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. You may also call the corporate ethics line at 1.888.9CARE91 (1.888.922.7391). We assure you there will be no retribution or retaliation for any inquiry or for reporting a possible breach of the Code.

You are a critical member of our team and play an important role in our future. Thank you for ensuring quality and integrity at RegionalCare and supporting our People First focus.

»» Read the full Code of Conduct PDF.

Martin S. Rash
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
RegionalCare Hospital Partners

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