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Prevent Mistakes during Surgery

  • There are several questions you should ask your doctor before the day of surgery to ensure there are no complications. Ask your doctor:
    • Are there prescription or over-the-counter medications that you should not take before surgery?
    • Can you eat or drink before your surgery?
    • Should you trim your nails or remove any nail polish?
  • Before you leave your home on the day of surgery, shower and wash your hair. Do not wear any make-up, your doctors and nurses need to be able to see your skin to check your circulation.
  • After surgery, don’t be afraid to ask questions about any new medicines you received, whether or not you’ll need therapy or additional medications after you leave the hospital, or when you can resume working, exercising, or traveling. Fully understanding what you need to do to get better is an essential part of a healthy recovery.

Source: The Joint Commission