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Prevent Errors in Your Care

By being an active and involved patient, you can improve your treatment and make it safer.

  • If you have questions or concerns, ask. Don’t be embarrassed about saying something if you feel that your doctor or nurse may have made a mistake or if they did not explain something clearly.
  • Don’t assume things. If you feel something is not right or if a treatment should have been administered, express these feelings to your doctor or nurse.
  • Learn about your illness; this can include researching information about your condition, writing down what your doctor tells you, and reading all the medical forms you are given.
  • Know what medicines you are supposed to take and why you are taking them. The most common medical mistakes are medicine errors. To avoid complications, carry a list of medications you currently taking and what medications you are allergic to.
  • Know who will be taking care of you, how long your treatment should last, and how you should feel during treatment.

Source: The Joint Commission