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Family Medicine Residency Program

Basic Curriculum 2012-2013
Clinton Memorial Hospital/University of Cincinnati

Updated 9/27/12

One block is equal to four weeks.

Year 1

1 ½  Block Orientation/Behavioral Science/Procedures/Shadow Call/Team Building/EMR Training
4 ½  Block  Adult Medicine (Inpatient Family Medicine)
2 Block Obstetrics/Newborn
1 Block Pediatric Emergency Department (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center) First Cincinnati Rotation
1 Block Inpatient Pediatrics (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center)
1 Block Cardiology Inpatient/Outpatient
1 Block Community Medicine
1 Block Orthopedics 

Year 2**

2 Block* Gynecology/Urology Outpatient
2 Block* Surgery
2 Block Adult Medicine (Inpatient Family Medicine)
1 Block Pediatrics Inpatient/Outpatient (R2 Peds)
1 Block** Obstetrics/Newborn
1 Block Elective
1 Block* Cardiology Inpatient/Outpatient
1 Block Emergency Medicine
½  Block Night Float
½ Block Neurology
1 Block* Family Health Center

Year 3**

½ Block* Complementary/Alternative Medicine
½ Block Night Float
1 Block Ophthalmology/ENT
½ Block Occupational Medicine
½ Block Orthopedics Outpatient
2 Blocks* Geriatrics/Dermatology
3 Blocks Months ** Adult Medicine (Inpatient Family Medicine) – Chief
1 Block Sports Medicine
2 Block Elective
1 Block Pediatrics Inpatient/Outpatient (P3 Peds)
1 Block* Family Health Center
* Night Float duties + 1 Saturday day call per block except Inpatient Pediatrics
** Overnight call duties from home. Saturday and Sunday overnight call is divided equally among all PGY-2 and PGY-3 excluding inpatient chief and away elective.


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