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The CMH VisionDecember 20, 2010
Linda Gallagher and Kaitlyn Hill

Students Honored

for Recycling Help

 Students from Project Search were presented a plaque from CMH Community Development recently for helping get the hospital's paper recycling program started in 2010.
Student intern Kaitlyn Hill (right) picks up paper in the Health Library with the help of librarian Linda Gallagher.
The Health Library serves as the base for CMH's recycling program.

Some good holiday favors...

            Wilmington City Schools students from Holmes, Denver and East End Elementary made about 100 Christmas cards for Clinton Memorial Hospital patients again this year.  They are being placed on meal trays.  Thanks to all the students who participated and their art teachers Melissa O'Connor and Doug Davis.

...deserve several more...

            CMH donated eight leftover employee turkeys at Thanksgiving to Sugartree Ministries...Several CMH Patient Financial Services (PAS) employees on Nelson Avenue also donated their turkeys to Sugartree Ministries. PAS employee also collected three boxes of food that were donated to the same charitable organization...CMHer Andrea Howard coordinated a coat drive with local business that also benefited Sugartree Ministries...CMHer Chad Reynolds is spearheading a supply drive to help the Wilmington Area Humane Society.

All Roads Lead To Compliance For CMHers

New 1-888-9CARE91 EthicsLine Announced

By Alice H. Martin

Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

RegionalCare Hospital Partners

              Pick any HIGHway - all lead to compliance!            

            RegionalCare Hospital Partners is committed to compliance and pleased to demonstrate that commitment through its partnership with EthicsPoint, a leading third-party provider of hotline services!

            To make it easy for employees, vendors and suppliers to report concerns about unethical behavior or potential fraud, waste and abuse within our organizations, we have established several ways to alert us to concerns.

            Think of each as a "HIGHway" designed to keep us on the straight path to compliance and protect our patients and organization from potential problems. If you see or know of anything that raises an ethical or legal concern for you - it is your job to report!

            So here are the HIGHways which will take us to our destination of compliance:

            1) The first route remains bringing any concerns to the attention of your immediate supervisor. If you do, and you do not receive a satisfactory response or you hear "don't worry that isn't your job to be concerned about that" - don't stop! We DO want to hear from you and ask you to elevate your concerns to Amy Donaldson (, 382-9335), CMH Ethics and Compliance Officer (ECO), or me at 615-844-9851 or

            2) If you'd prefer to report anonymously, our third-party hotline operator EthicsPoint, Inc. has trained operators who will maintain your confidentiality and anonymity (unless you give your name), and they are available 24/7 every day of the year by calling 1-888-9CARE91. The highly trained interviewers at EthicsPoint help concerned employees feel comfortable with the reporting process and provide complete information including a "key number" which permits a reporter to check back for progress reports or to answer any follow up question that might be useful during an investigation. All this can be done while still maintaining confidentiality and anonymity.

            3) If you'd prefer to report on-line, log onto

            New posters with reporting information have been placed in highly visible locations at Clinton Memorial Hospital as well as all CMH Regional Health System off site locations, including physician practices.

            Remember, the important thing is if you know or suspect misconduct you MUST report it. It is the ethical thing to do and turning away from your reporting obligation could be viewed as condoning the bad behavior and grounds for your termination. Never assume that senior management already knows about an issue. Please assume they don't - and let us hear from you!

            Do not fear retaliation and retribution if you report. Retaliation and retribution are strictly prohibited and we enforce that policy.

            So, if you have an ethical or legal concern pick any HIGHway, and help us "do the right thing" everyday.

            Thank you for being an important compliance team member!                                       


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