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Compliance at CMH

The mission of the CMH Ethics and Compliance Department is to support our facilities as a trusted advisor. Our goal is to provide all employees with the most accurate information and advice in order to assure awareness of their responsibilities in promoting an ethical environment and providing healthcare services in compliance with regulatory protections.

The department serves to protect our organization's integrity and promote an effective risk control environment by working collaboratively to identify institutional risks; to perform audits, reviews and investigations; to provide effective education and training programs; and to promote the values of honesty, integrity, respect and professionalism as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

By fulfilling this mission we strive to ensure outstanding patient care and to be recognized as valuable partners to the communities we serve. CMH's Ethics and Compliance Department provides guidance to our employees by setting forth ethical and legal standards through our Code of Conduct and our policies and procedures.

By working together, we create awareness of the importance of these standards among everyone in our company.

Should you see something that raises an ethical or compliance-related issue please contact CMH's Ethics and Compliance Officer Mary Ann Randolph at 937.382.9208 or

You may also call 1.888.9CARE91 to speak with our EthicsLine intake specialist or email

Compliance is everyone's job and we appreciate your contributions to making us an outstanding healthcare provider.

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